Saturday, December 31, 2011

Say it with Cupcakes! - 12/28-12/31/2011

Whether they come in big or small packages, cupcakes make great gifts. They can bring out a smile and satisfy cravings. They're a perfect gift for a sweet tooth; however, you can also give sugar-free and non-dessert types of cupcakes, too! They come in three different sizes-- mini, standard, and jumbo.

Here are some tips in giving a gift of cupcakes:

  1. Know the recipient's preference. Check what flavors they go for when they eat desserts. For example, chocolate cupcakes are ideal for chocoholics.
  2. Know the recipient's dietary restrictions. Some people cannot eat cupcakes made from wheat flour so give them gluten-free cupcakes instead. For diabetics, sugar-free cupcakes will work well. Other choices include, organic, vegan, low-carb, and low-fat cupcakes. Check with the sellers to find what would work best.
  3. Add decorations to your cupcakes to make them more special. Fondant decorations will look lovely on any cupcake; however, make sure you still have a generous layer of frosting underneath. There are people who don't like eating fondants, so use sprinkles and other decorations that they would eat.
  4. Choose the right size of box for your cupcakes. Cupcake boxes come in different sizes, forms, and shapes. If you know the recipient's favorite color, use it to make it more personal.
  5. Add a message-- a gift tag, greeting card or a note placed in an envelope to accompany your cupcake gifts. You can also work with the bakeshop to add cutout letters or pipe messages on top of the cupcakes.
  6. Embellish the cupcake boxes with bows or ribbons to make them more presentable.

Here are some photos of cupcakes given as gifts during the holidays. Keep in mind, they are a perfect gift not only during the holidays, but on any occasion, too. So, what are you waiting for? Say it with cupcakes!

Simple marshmallow fondant cut outs made the plainly frosted red velvet and cookies and cream cupcakes more presentable. Copyright: JessiCakes Project

A great way for gifting to multiple recipients is to pack different flavors of cupcakes inside beautiful cupcake boxes. These boxes shown here have a viewing "window" top so the recipient can see the beautifully decorated cupcakes. A 4-cupcake cupcake box is ideal when giving to an individual or a couple.  Copyright: JessiCakes Project

When participating in a potluck, cupcakes placed in a 12-cupcakes box can be served right away without the need for a display tray or tower. Decorate cupcakes to make them more appealing to look at and to eat. For example, instead of just plain frosting, we added wafer chocolate in the middle and added three chocolate mini morsels on these mocha cupcakes. Copyright: JessiCakes Project

Add color to your cupcakes using sprinkles that come in different shapes, colors and forms. You cna buy them from your local supermarket or cake decorating stores. Copyright: JessiCakes Project

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