There are two types of flavors in our menu selection -- basic and premium. Basic flavors are included in the basic pricing when you order your cake, cupcake, or cake pops. 

In addition to flavors, prices vary depending on the intricacy of the design. 

Email us at jessicakes.project@gmail.com for a quote. 

Basic Flavors:

  1. Red Velvet with Cream Cheese Buttercream frosting
  2. Vanilla with Vanilla Buttercream
  3. Chocolate with Cream Cheese and choco mousse buttercream
  4. Cookies and Cream (Oreos) with vanilla-cream cheese with crushed cookies and cream frosting
  5. White cake with vanilla buttercream
  6. Yellow cake with vanilla buttercream
  7. Marble cake with chocolate or vanilla buttercream
Premium Flavors:
  1. Banana with Cream Cheese Buttercream frosting (with or without walnuts)
  2. Dark Chocolate with Mocha Buttercream frosting
  3. Dark chocolate with peanut butter buttercream frosting
  4. German chocolate cake with moccha frosting
  5. Carrot Cake with Cream Cheese Buttercream frosting
  6. Yellow Cake with Nutella with Choco Frosting
  7. Choco fudge with vanilla buttercream
  8. Strawberry with Vanilla infused with Strawberry Buttercream (seasonal, check for availability)
  9. Honeydew with Vanilla buttercream (seasonal, check for availability)
  10. Purple sweet yam (ube) with vanilla/buko/pandan buttercream (seasonal, check for availability)
  11. Rocky Road (chocolate cake with vanilla cream , coated in chocolate melts sprinkled with mini marshmallows and crushed peanuts)
  12. Tuxedo cake (white/dark choco/white) with tiramisu/Kahlua frosting
  13. ***Mango with mango/peach mascarpone/cream cheese frosting with out without amaretto (check for pricing since mango is seasonal) 
  14. Coconut cake with vanilla bean buttercream
  15. Lemon cake with vanilla buttercream
  16. White cake with choices of any fruit filling-- strawberry, raspberry, blueberry, pineapple, peach, and mango

Please ask us about whole wheat and/or sugar-substitute options
    ***We bake from scratch using the finest ingredients***