Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Happy New Year and Happy 4th Anniversary to Us!!!

It's hard to believe that we are already on our 4th year of operation. Wow! It's feels great to be able to do my other passion-- baking while helping charities.

I know that I had promised in the past that I would be posting at least once a month to keep this blog going. However, my busy schedule at school (I'm now a junior in college) had, once again, gotten in the way. Although, I am able to update our facebook fan page with new cake projects, posting photos and statuses, I would really like to keep this blog going. I feel awful that I had only been able to post minimally last year. It's a pity that the posts I made were not blog posts, but just to update the photos on this page. Nevertheless, I am so grateful to those of you who continue to contact us via our gmail and facebook fan page to inquire about ordering our baked goodies.

So, this year my mother, who is also my business and baking partner, and I will be doing our very best to blog at least once a month. If we can do so once every week, we definitely would; however, we are also being realistic-- aside from baking, she has a full time job and I am a full time student with more challenging subjects to pass each quarter leading up to my graduation. As in the past, you can still follow us on our facebook page.

This year, we will also work on not just improving our social media presence, but also increasing our focus on our charitable work. One thing is for sure, we may not update this blog as often as we like to, but we will definitely make sure that we continue to do what we can to donate to the charities that we support as we have done in the past three years!

Thanks to all of you who had supported us the past three years and will continue to support us as we try to help make this world a little better...one baked goody at a time!

Friday, February 28, 2014

Just want to say hi!

Wow, it has been almost a year now since we last posted on this blog. We had been so busy with life (church life, family life, school life, work life, baking life, etc) that blogging took a backseat! Anyway, just dropping by to say hi to anyone who is following this blog and to who may stumble upon it just now.

We may not be able to blog daily, nor monthly (although, we may try our best to do a monthly post at least starting today), we always update our facebook fan page-- JessiCakes Project. If you haven't liked us yet, just click on the link or go to the facebook page tab on this website and it will take you there. We post photos of our projects there as soon after we deliver them. So, that's the best place to follow us.

We will post photos on this blog too...as time permits. 

Hope you all are having a wonderful year so far like us! Take care. Until next post...whenever that would be. :)

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Dr. Seuss Theme Cake (12/08/12)

We made this Dr. Seuss theme cake for a first birthday of a little girl who happens to love all Dr. Seuss characters. Definitely, one of our favorites. This cake is a unisex cake-- neither too girly nor boyish. It features famous Dr. Seuss characters and things, from top to bottom, such as Cat in the Hat, Thing 1 and Thing 2, Green Eggs and Ham, The Lorax, and One Fish, Two Fish. All decorations are made of 50/50 gumpaste and fondant (available for sale separately or as a set). We also made  Cat in the Hat's hat cookies as party favors.

Sunday, January 27, 2013

SF 49ers Cake for a Boy - 042212

SF 49ers cake
Ah...talk about perfect timing to post these photos. We made this cake for my cousin- Glenn, Jr's 10th birthday last year. He plays football and is an avid SF 49ers' fan. In about a week, the SF 49ers is playing at the Superbowl against the Baltimore Ravens! We're planning on making a helmet cake for this coming Sunday's game and will post photos later.

For information on how you can order cakes, cupcakes, cake pops, edible football theme cake toppers or edible figures, please contact us  at jessicakes.project@gmail.com.

SF 49ers cake

SF 49ers cake

SF 49ers cake

SF 49ers cake

Chuckie Cheese Cake Pops - 042212

These Chuckie Cheese cake pops are simply adorable, aren't they? The hats are edible. made of marshmallows. 

For information on how to order Chuckie Cheese cake pops, please email us at jessicakes.project@gmail.com

Chuckie Cheese cake pops

Chuckie Cheese cake pops

Train and Baby Blocks Baby Boy - 042112

We made a baby boy theme cake with edible baby train cake topper and baby blocks with letters to spell the boy's name. The blue and white theme can be replaced with any color that you desire. This particular cake was for a baby boy who was celebrating his christening and first birthday at the same time!

For information on how to order edible baby train cake topper or baby block, please email us at jessicakes.project@gmail.com

Baby boy christening cake

Edible baby train cake topper for sale

Edible baby blocks cake topper for sale

WWF Cupcakes - 042112

Something for the wrestling fans-- cupcakes with edible WWF or WWE cupcake toppers.
For more information, please email us at jessicakes.project@gmail.com

Wrestling edible cupcake toppers

WWE Cupcakes