Saturday, November 24, 2012

Edible Cake and Cupcake Decorations for Sale

We've been getting numerous requests of cakes and cupcakes from people in different locations; however, at this time, we do not ship cakes and cupcakes, only cookies, cake pops, and cake balls.

We've decided to start selling cake and cupcake decorations to help you with your cake decoration needs. In most cases, the decorations are the most time consuming and hardest to make when making cakes and cupcakes. They are also one of the reasons why many cakes and cupcakes are priced high.

If you can bake cakes, but cannot make edible figures and decorations for your cakes and cupcakes, why not let JessiCakes Project create them for you. Even if you just have a store-bought cake, you can use our edible cake and cupcake decorations.  At a fraction of a cost that you would pay the pros, you can have beautiful cakes that can wow your guests and make your event even more memorable, without breaking the bank!

Check out the tab "Edible Cake and Cupcake Decorations for Sale" for examples of what we can do for you. Email us at for further information.

Happy caking!  

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