Sunday, February 5, 2012

JessiCakes Project Donations for Each Month

Since its inception, JessiCakes Project has been donating majority of its profits to different charities. Last year, we allocated donations depending on the current events. For example, we donated to Susan G Komen for the Cure in the month of October since it was Breast Cancer Awareness Month. We also donated to Red Cross after a tsunami/earthquake hit Japan, and, most recently, after the catastrophic typhoon aftermath that hit  Cagayan de Oro, a city in the Philippines. There were times when we subdivided earnings to benefit different charities each month.

This year, we have decided to try a different approach. Since there are a dozen charities that we support, we will allocate earnings to benefit one charity each month. If ever there's any emergencies, such as calamities, we will donate to benefit to benefit the victims as well aside to just donating to the charity of the month. We'll be doing a shout out to our customers and fans on our Facebook fan page. We hope that with this new system, we can track who we donate to each month better than last year.

We started off with the American Cancer Society for the month of January, which will be followed by the American Heart Association in February.

We'll keep our blog and Facebook fan page updated with the upcoming schedule as we do additional research as to which charity to donate to for each month.

Thanks to our valued customers for patronizing our products in order to help make this world a better place, one baked goody at a time!

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