Sunday, September 18, 2011

Transformers' Fondant Cake- Optimus Prime

In one of our most ambitious cakes ever-- a Transformers' cake like no other. This cake shows an embattled Optimus Prime rising from the rubble. Lots of firsts in this cake. This was the first time we made a figure using homemade rice krispy treats (RKT). It took us a couple of weeks to get Optimus Prime to come to life. We used marshmallow fondant to mold his face. This is also the first time we used LED balloon lights used at weddings and other parties. This was one of the toughest cakes we've done. Lots of lessons learned on this cake. 
Transformers Optimus Prime cakefront view. Photo copyright by JessiCakes Project. Please do not use without obtaining permission. 

Tranformers' Optimus Prime cake top view. Photo copyright JessiCakes Project please do not use without permission

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