Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Facebook Contest


We have decided to declare two winners-- both posts have the same time stamp of 12:33pm/pt. Since we could not tell who's first or who's second, we declared both Kathy and Deb as winners of our first giveaway. The more the merrier!!! Yay!

Congratulations to Kathy and Deb.

We'll be doing more contests in near future with more prices and a better process. It's best to entice people to post answers below the contest post / announcement for better time and post tracking.


Update--- 8/31/11

Hours after announcing a winner, it came to our attention that the time stamp for Deb was not 12:45pm, but 12:33pm. The 12:45pm post was a follow-up post that Deb made. So, there are two posts with 12:33pm/pt time stamp-- Kathy's and Deb's. We're investigating how much time difference in seconds they're apart from each other to see who is the real no. 2 poster.


We have a winner!--- 8/31/11

We posted at 3pm/pt a video of the drawing, where the 2nd poster (Deb) at 12:45pm/pt that has correct answer was declared as winner.

Congratulations Deb!

Thanks to all those who played.

Our co-founder is celebrating her birthday today. To celebrate, we're having a giveaway contest on our Facebook fan page. Post reads:

In honor of our Co-founder's bday, we're having a giveaway. Until 12MN/PST, name two new charities we added to our list of favorite charities. We'll draw a number. The matching number of the posted answer wins. Only post once. Get more chances, refer us to friends who aren't fans yet. Make sure your friends mention your name on their post. If your friend wins, you both win a prize. Prize -- 2 dozens cake pops (any flavor, double bite size, round) OR cupcake necklace/earring combo set.

The answer must be correct in order to count. Contest is valid for US and non-US residents.

Above is the photo of the cupcake necklace/earring combo set. So, what are you waiting for? Come join the fun and enter! Good Luck!

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